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who are we?


Architects, who contribute to a full range of architectural, designer’s and marketing projects by producing world-class visually comprehended products with personal approach and dedication.

Sustain the creativity flow. Here are our service.

Depending on the target audience, a different approach is in place: eye-catching STILL IMAGES for a wide spread use, ANIMATIONS for a more complete and stylish presentation and VR tour for a real close and speciffic experience.


Our 15 years of experience tought us to have our way with projects of different scale. Manifesting the emotions of a small country house living is as important and compelling to our team as is producing a captivating environment for a large scale conceptual projects and city masterplans,  always keeping an eye on the important things- the purpose of the product, smooth and pleasant workflow with our Clients and the most precise depiction our Clients` ideas.

people to people

Here in VIKWAY we strive to create customer relations that will leave a lasting impression. We understand that every project is unique, and that’s why we focus on careful and detailed analysis of your needs from the very beginning. We are passionate about architecture which is why we take every project to heart and work tirelessly to create the perfect end result.


Our commitment to excellence starts with building a deep understanding of our clients and their design objectives. We take the time to understand your vision and goals so that we can create a seamless and pleasant workflow that will exceed your expectations.


This is our team – the people that live and breathe with architecture, as many of our clients do too.


Who create brand

Kiril Dimitrov


Vladislav Yonchev


Tsvetomir Draganov

CG Artist/Architect

Nikoleta krashevska

CG Artist/Architect

Nikolay Yosifov

CG Artist/Architect

Arina Yoncheva

CG Artist/Architect/Marketing PR


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Bulgaria, Sofia, 145 Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi str

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